I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

duminică, 29 august 2010

two very easy patterns

i'm sure you've met this pattern before many times... when i used it the first time it came out spontaneously from a dusty corner of my mind,lol.then a day or two later i just noticed it on my little ones "pampers"diaper,lol.so i must be very careful when i say something like it is my "own"pattern,tangle lol.our mind collects all the time and we can never know if that something new we came up it was seen but not noticed before...i used this pattern on my doodle entitled "shopping at the daily market".that oval filled up with this common pattern was the start point.

i don't know what went wrong when editing the pattern pictur
es,the quality is awful again,you're getting used with that,lol,but no time for reediting.the "brasyl"was used on the doodle called "wheeeel".again this pattern initialized the whole doodle,than it grabed more and more space on the messy notebook page.i loved the green-black "duel"of this pattern.

joi, 26 august 2010

i was born yesterday

intitled "life is a circus" it was finished yesterday...sometime i fill like my life is a circus but i'm sure i 'm not alone...
it all started with that little green burning "tent" that symbol i "received" one night before i went off about a week ago.it was a simple symbol to draw .i leaved the rest to my pencil lol.

miercuri, 25 august 2010

captured parasute flowers colored

printed and colored version of one of the doodles.not very satisfied with the colors but i liked the background.the outline of the doodle came out too bulk but I didn't wanted to color the original though it is made on an ordinary notebook page :)

july doodles

some of the drawings that were forgotten in my notebook.awful picture quality i know.

the woman from the first doodle might be my garding muse,lol.she looks like having jar bottom glasses but that smile is so kind.and she's wearing it all the time ...

duminică, 22 august 2010

this is me

i never know what i will come up when i start a doodle,that's what i like it and it is also very relaxing.
this bloming ,strange plant is me but i have very healty roots :)

wheeeel 7.26

started around my sons yellow wheel made at age 4 or 5 not sure anymore.changed the background with the pc paint programe lol.the sketchbook page was too messy...

a few of July and August doodles

unfortunately i can't find better images and no time to resize them again,but you can see them well on my flickr.
we've been out for a week and what a suprise... i haven't show much not to much words and already having two followers!you've made me so happy !!!
i was writting about the path that took me back to my old love doodling. .. thought i had a lot of plans regarding my papier mache stuffs for this summer it really doesn't came up the way i wanted.i'm not complaining, winter will come and hope it will resolve everything while now ( still  summer not for long though...)it is much easier to calm down my "artistic"thirst with some "zen"doodles.

so here is the path-amy is one of my papier mache blogs follower.she recently started a blog called "A Million Words Project "  ,there i met susan HP  "Thursday's Child".then i just chose to click on a thumbnail i liked from the art bloghop she hosts.what i chosen was Eden over at http://geeden.blogspot.com/ she leded me to sue doodles there i found sandra aka molossus whos devoted fan i am.:)
i put almost all my doodles at my flickr  but there are some more i want you to show.
enjoy :)

duminică, 15 august 2010

my very first doodlings since i've been inspired 6.07.2010

welcome to my doodling blog.i had to make this too.doodles are coming alive quicklier then i thought and i didn't wanted to mix them up on my paper mache blog.i will try to post here all my doodles, little drawings.first i must mention how this happened and which is the path of my refound love-doodles-later ...i have to go now...