I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

joi, 31 martie 2011

my nr. 14 and nr. 15

of course responses to Laura Harms weekly challenge. see here how i walk the line and love my curves.initially i felt sorry for adding colors to nr15th challenge but then i begun to like the little round stegosaurus.although i seldom use lines in my doodles still i had a lapse followed by on ooups when i traced the first line on the curvy  challenge.corrected.still if i'm very exacting i can say i failed the challenge,lol...

and another thing.i wasn't really satisfied with my line walk either,even had a moment when i asked myself "what ,can't you trace a straight line with your exercised hand ? however what i loved was the "lettuce" inspiration.see the middle part -spiral with triangles( ch.nr14),i made it spontaneously well.then i wanted to repeat but didn't succeeded... maybe another time,i found that very very challenging :).nature is a colossal source of inspiration and kitchen is the place where magic happens isn't it?look what i found before i made a lettuce soup about three days ago...don't ask me,we run out of that soup already :)

have a nice evening!

miercuri, 30 martie 2011

pattern draw day

well,not today...but it was one of last weeks day when i made this new available atc.one lonely atc being the last days production....at the filling part two new patterns popped out from my pen.i just gave them a little attention now bringing in yours.they are v different and i can't tell you which one i like more.both my penchilds,lol so i guess i will take care of them equally.this is the responsible atc,blame the hedgehog if you don't like them ;)
and now tonight soloists 
drop strand against paper boats

take care,ildi

last weeks received atcs

last week i was v happy to receive two of the waited atcs.but somehow i hadn't enough time for posting.i also made two new patterns,hopefully will post them today...
back to the atcs -look what i've got !
the first is a lovely flower atc in Pumpkin's adorable style-she who made me fancy atcs ,special thanks for that,plus for the extras -doodle directory and vintage book file about Rossini's life :)

the second one is  Pochadiva's ( atcforall.com)  "sassy" a whimsical lady painted with watercolor plus a blank cold pressed atc and a beautiful vintage card.thank you both so much!i'm very pleased with my new cards and for the growing collection :).i'm still waiting for two atcs,i'm pretty worried for them as they are in their way to me for three weeks already.but that's it,America is far away  so i...wait
all the bests,ildi

miercuri, 23 martie 2011


i'm not celebrating anything i just want to make my first giveaway one of my atc size mandalas(purple-orange) i was working on the days before.no drums needed...
as you can see quite a lot of cards were born these days i just haven't got the time to post them as ready.some of them are swaps going on the zia (zentangle inspired art) yahoo group,others are gifts and maybe for sale.

all you have to do is-leave my a comment :)

i will pick a number generated by my son and announce the winner on fools day 1 of April.

have luck!

miercuri, 16 martie 2011

challenge nr 13

Laura Harms challenge this week was to use our non-dominant(left in my case) hand to draw a zentangle or zia(zentangle inspired art)I'm pretty sure everybody(or at least the most of us) felt the relief when made a new doodle with the exercised hand.it was hard i must say and quite sad by the end of my drawing...you'll see why.
after the strings were done i quickly made that closed eye face then filled up the spaces with different tangle patterns and colored it using just a few colors blue-green and orange(red for the cheeks)..at the end it seamed to me that i drew a geisha in traditional like costume flying...then i added the legs and completed the drawing entitled "flying geisha"...then cold shivers went through my spine...Gosh,i said that's it...geisha flying to God...i didn't meant to but that's what it became....challenge nr 13...sending my prayer for them...silently...
thank you for your visit
i had to come back..just to resolve a mistake i made typing to fast the hyperlink to Laura's blog...instead of iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com i wrote iamthedivaczt.blogpsot.com ,just for curiosity check out what i've found...

joi, 10 martie 2011

"something Blue"

week nr 12th challange is calling for a touch of blue..no problem with that,i love blue!
well,once again i had to smile reaching  the end of my little doodling.i never know what the string broughts to me ,shapes are getting "sense" during the doodle "process"...no struggling for a gorgeous outcome,lol.it is spontanious and that's why i love it! please beleive me i wouldn't have otherwise draw those big brests,lol...however they are beautiful in there voluptuousness and who doesn't love round forms ;)

now meet her,my molett mermaid lady in her way home,carrying goodies for the little ones...

made it yesterday on a dark blue card i've got as a present from Helene in our atcs trade(standard atc size,gel pen and soft watercolor pencils).

thanks for stopping by,

miercuri, 9 martie 2011

wonderful atc's

look what i've got on Monday and Wednesday and feel so happy for them ;)
wonderful mail from Pia ,neat packing,superb watercolor aceo and print! thank you so v much!!!!
another splendid gift from Sheila! many(is not enough said) thanks to you too!!!
i picked up your mail from the post in perfect conditions ;) then we watched a few trains arrival and departure as the post is vis-a-vis the railway station and kids loved that...
and today's present from Helene,California!thank you so much for the trade and muchly appreciated goodies!!!
i'm in clouds and i can have enough,lol!ah,much to learn from your packing styles!
have a great day,everyone!

vineri, 4 martie 2011

challange nr.10 and 11

last night i recovered the missing diva's challange nr 10.called "the space between",didn't excelled to leave too much space though,lol but i'm not complaining about the result,quite like it.
used Sandra's "woggle" pattern over the empty (still shaded)spaces,a very beautiful celtic knot type pattern i like v much,aslo "sparks",Jane Monks "scrumble","crescent moon","florz"(i think) and i can't name the rest.

and here it comes challange nr 11 "monotangle",that was fun,lol...how i chosen from Sandra's 1056 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tangle pattern list,lol....i was telling the "abc" in my thoughts and put my son to stop me..i reached letter "F".there were 79 tangels beginning with letter "F".so this time i just told him to choose a number between 1 and 79.his choise was 15,meaning Fenêtre -- Amaryllis Creations /Genevieve Crabe .so i googled the link and i meet Genevieve's tangle...what a relief,now i could go further.made my string and filled up with her tangle.at the end looked like a pregnant woman to me so i couldn't resist to put her "endings".thank's Genevieve,it was for sure unexpected fun...

all the bests friends,

joi, 3 martie 2011

"hainah" tangle pattern

called "heart in heart" then abbreviated "hainha" , misstaped several times "hainah"insted of hainha,remaind "hainah".this is my newest pattern i'm still practicing to be humanly perfect,lol.
it is also the "hair"of my "i cried a river yesterday" card traded or at least in his way to warwick...

all the bests,have fun...