I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

"i've played my cards" zt

i just finsihed this zt and i quite like it.yet talk to you in the morning...is more light then,lol...

this is a bw drawing (see below)but i changed color when editing.i played with the tinting option also added a light grained texture.i think my fav is the first picture...used Margaret Bremner's "Diamond Panes" and "Box Spirals".

sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011

"follow my steps" -color zt

see the bw version here 

~two more zentangles~

playing the "string" is fun...it is always interesting the outcome.yesterday i made this two tiles and guess what,i want the first one colored.it is quite inviting me.i will do it when my little one takes his afternoon nap...

the second tile is a bit different .named it "broken bike and stuffs"...i didn't used any of the knowed (by me ) tangle patterns...only stuff that popped in my mind,jointed with the basic"string".i like those little bumps..they are all over...not very confortable when riding a bike though.i think it is a masculine zentangle. ... ;)...

colored "eye"

made a copy of the bw and played with colors.
color makes the difference...love coloring...enjoy

vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

"get well" zentangle for Sandy

yesterday i was drawing a zentangle when i remebered Sandra's post about Sandy Bartholomew's eye surgery.she is the author of "Totally Tangled" and the soon to-be-released "Yoga for the Brain" .her friends had a kind idea to ask the peoples to send her an eye-shaped zentangle to cheer her recovery. it was a great opportunity to play with this eye zentangle.loved to draw the eye (there's about 14 in the tile ,lol ) which cried the tears of happyness,sadness,when hurt,moved,nervous,surprised,overwhelmed... hope she is much better now ... here i am sending her the "eye"zentangle...(i will try to send it by the post only that i'm like a bear now,i go out very seldom.it is so good to stay warm in your cave :) )

miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011


fruitful yesterday.
a zen mandala and one zentangel tile as my response to Laura's challange called "Ixorus".
this week i wanted to stay untouched by the charm of your tiles and promise myself not to peak at anyone's ixorus before i draw mine but i just couln't walk away playing the "blind".this is about my "resistence".same to sweets...but i only saw 3 tiles and commented 3 times.it is forgivable isn't it?


luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

not quite beautiful...

or should i say ugly,hairy .but it is my brains child also.so i take care of it. still hanging on orbs,lol...enjoy or run away!here it comes -the Spiders kingdome-

miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011

Laura Harm's weekly challange no. 5

my response to Laura's weekly challange called "orbs".
first i made a tile,took a soft brush and splashed some black ink stains on the paper and dried brush the whole tile.i wanted to start somewhere as my muse left me.i think i was intimidated by your gorgeous tiles and waited for a spark.
so after the big splash i had no more doubts and "fears"lol and everything came out just naturaly.
i was awoken by my husband saying that i should quit making circles and prepare something to feed our tummys,lol.this is what it came out.it is quite different approaching from what i usually do but it will do it.:)

thank you for your visit !(i may put a better picture tomorrow...)

calligraphyc exercise...

...design or tangle pattern ,call it as you want.for sure i had great fun with these,lol...especially when repeted them for writting it down. called "MALLUH" backward of hungarian hullam wich means waves,obvious isnt't it..

always loved drawing waves :)...it can have so many variations ,i only show a few as every time it pops another variation in my mind.have fun! (i think it is understandable but if you would like one of the variations written down,just call for it ) ...

the woman's hair made of "malluh"

here comes some more of ...
the girls hat made of another variation,not showed above...

off.i have enough doodles i can't post...i'm always in time crisis...kitchen is calling.. bie

luni, 17 ianuarie 2011

Warren's challange!

Warren from "The doodle daily" is running a challange called "Unite the world 1 doodle at a time".
His aim is to reach 1 million doodles in a year.You can read more about the challage at his blog !
doodles power rule!!!!!!!!!!

Warren "The doodle daily " szerzoje kihivast helyez figyelmunkbe!
1millio firkat kivan osszegyujteni a vilag minden tajarol egy ev leforgasa alatt.
.nem kell muvesznek lenned,nem is kell jol rajzolnod. ha a firkalas bogara benned van es mindig is szerettel rajzolni akkor vedd ceruzad,firkalj ,keltezd,ird ala ,majd kuldd el Warren email cimere neveddel es varosoddal.bovebben a kihivasrol Warren blogjan.Segitsunk Warren-nek egyesiteni a vilagot a firkakon keresztul!

Warren ,autorul blogului "The doodle daily" ne provoaca la unirea lumii prin desene-mazgalituri!
Telul lui este adunarea a un milion de mazgalituri din toate colturile lumii intr-un an.
Nu trebuie sa fii artist,nici macar sa desenezi bine.daca iti place sa mazgalesti in timp ce te uiti la tv,vorbesti la telefon,la sedinte etc atunci participa si tu la chemarea lui !.citeste mai amanuntit pe blogul lui Warren.
Daca te descurci mai greu cu limba engleza,tot ceea ce trebuie sa faci e sa trimiti cat de multe poze sau scanari cu mazgalituri datate si semnate la adresa lui de email, impreuna cu numele tau si orasul din care provii.
Pentru a ajunge la "challenge" apasa butonul cu "World Doodle Challenge" din coloana blogului meu sau aici.

miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

Laura Harm's weekly challange no. 4

Hi!  monday brought us the surprise called "starry-eye" from Laura Harm's!

i can almost see the papers white reflected in our entusiastic faces ,focused eyes and flying spirit ! i draw late night so now i peak out the window with froggy eyes ,same feeling as i would peel the onion constantly,oh i think i'm just tired but contented with the result... this is my first zentagle mandala and i think i "over challanged" my self
with it lol, almost swallowed me with pen and complete with my eyebrows...it was (IT IS??) absorbing because i can't say stoooop to my pencil.just a little circle here and there than it grows and eats all papers white.
and i wanted to go big. so it is the biggest size late night doodle,i even had to leave my warm bed and doodled on the floor...must i say that it is not complete BUT i will show it later on if i will be pleased with the results...

the second zentangle was born about 20 hours before Laura announced the "star"challenge and i couldn't belive that it was matching the criteria.i had great fun with that! and i like it even better than the zendala which i consider it  very very strong...(the scanner made it's best also,lol)

soon(i hope) i will post some penny size star patterns and i also plan a pdf of my big star's template!

duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

some doodles

i find "hard" to leave behind the post about the "challenge" ...lol...see how greed i am..i loved all your comments!i never had so many,i felt like a servant of my caprices ,sailing along many other alike souls at the constant  rythm of zentangles."hitting the shore" was a celebration though lol !thanks again !

now back to my yard,i have my pocket filled with some doodles i want to share with you...

this one called "harvesting- 2011" started as a zentangle then change direction helped by my husband whom i asked to make some copies of the odd bulb plants i liked.as the first copy came out much bigger (size A4 standard letter) i couldn't rezist not putting those little bug like people...stubborn pencil!
but still got a few copies that are waiting for a "dressing" up...
like this one...the second attempt lol...still in progress...whats funny is that i start so confidently right in with my pen than i withdraw my horns like a touched snail and begin to sketch the doodle lol...it si not the first time..i think at this point i should make another copy..just kidding. at 12:54!Gosh,time flyes with my googled english! lucky you!

ok.i leave you with this little monster...he will knock you off with his needs--hunger,thirst,afraids,
pick me up's etc...
see yu next time with a zentangle?

miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

Laura Harm's weekly challange

i fancied Laura Harms-I am the diva- (czt) weekly challange and droped myself in.
late hours were just perfect for some zentangles so here there are
1.the first one-simplicity challange
2."2-pencil string technique"
3."eyes wide shut"

...my "parrot" is too tired,off to bed....

marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

finaly i post

after a few esuated attempt of conquering the chair before the pc i finaly sat down for a little posting...
it feels so good to start the new year with some doodlings.i jump from a doodling to another paper mache stuff then i return and sometimes i manage to combine them, then i'm happy...
i must tell you that i've been tempted to doodle ,tangle again,especially inspired by Sandra and BlackPumpkin.
as i don't have much time to spend and generally run over the new posts and flickr shots, happens that i don't get to familiarise better with the new tangles and have no collection of them.that's why i vaguely remember my favorites and the result is asking for your kind to say one and another tangles name..but sometime i hope i'll tighten my belt and make some order in stuffs i like...
 much talking is poverty they say so let the doodles talk,lol

the  "core" of this first doodle is Sandra's "wisket"tangle,please visit her site for more i don't know how to put a direct link to her post and don't mind the poor picture quality.i will replace them in time....
when i made the woman's mouth i remember another saying that "she was beautiful untill she opened up her mouth ",lol. the replica came quickly and shortly there were a perfect pair..my son asked me where is his head,lol,then he sad oh,i thought he hasn't ...
just a little pattern draw..what is interesting that seeing it in thumbnail i kind of seen the cancer's sign wich is my zodiac...
i still have two little doodles for tomorrow ,i have to go now...see you...