I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011

colored "eye"

made a copy of the bw and played with colors.
color makes the difference...love coloring...enjoy

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  1. *lol* great minds think alike…
    I want to color my 'GET-WELL-ZT' too! But still hesitate to do it as I like how it turned out in b/w. Copying it could be the solution… Which paper do you use to copy it on? Cardstock? Simple copypaper?
    Love your colored version of this tile!!!

  2. thanks! i like it much better this then the original!
    i used simply copypaper and retraced almost all the black lines,so the black is not faded!
    play and you'll be surprised !

  3. Thank you – meanwhile I copied it and thought: Perhaps I should retrace the black lines???
    Ok, you adviced me to do so… and I will do it.
    Curious how it will turn out!

  4. Oh there are so many hidden things in this....amazing!!