I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

luni, 19 decembrie 2011

doodle postcard V.

this is the latest finished funny bunny postcard unfortunately the scanner didn't pick up the soft blue color(it is shown better on the photos).now that i'm processing the images i saw other forms that could have came to life if wouldn't have turned the doodle upside down,lol...there are always more choices.

this was made almost with one move-see the picture above:the line marked with red was the dominant one,followed by the green and orange.then i turned the paper and quickly added a little detail that sealed the destiny(lol)of this postcard.

 everything went very quick until this point...then i had a lack of inspiration that was solved a day after so i could happily finish the card.this last image shows how everything could have been different if the bunny ears wouldn't be so obvious to me that night.

happy doodling and Christmas preparations!...................................................ildi

doodle postcard IV

as i promised here are the step by step pictures of postcard nr IV.presented on my previous post.

next time i won't bother with the pencils.i try my sons aquarells.

thank you for your visit!

sâmbătă, 17 decembrie 2011

Show and Tell Saturday #15

this week's review ...a bunch of new doodle postcards that was so much fun to do....i almost forgot how happy doodling makes me.all my doodles are happy this week.the first one presented is actually the latest that was born yesterday.i'll show the process later with a new post.
this first one showed has a little story to tell if you haven't guessed already,lol....
two little elves were fighting over a giant shell where the rain was locked by a spell.you can see that only black drops were falling from the clouds.in their great struggle they didn't observed the big ripe pepper rolling between them.they also were absent to a funny heat dangerous crocodile approach.the red hair fairy who came out unsuspected from that big pepper was lucky to snatch it from their greedy hands and save the day and the days are coming form now on.

please check other artists work by clicking the word artist,you won't regret!

                                                  happy thoughts from................ildi

joi, 15 decembrie 2011

doodle postcard III

because i always love seeing the creation process especially in art works but as well regarding garden and home projects i thought i'll add a few pictures to show you the way i play with lines and formes.
this is  my ordinary way of doodling only that i borrowed the string from the zentangle.so the base is the string and the rest is added step by step as the doodle develops.in my first colored doodles the core is commonly a face or a form that is growing chaotic by adding other forms or patterns.

                                    the result entitled "the bubble escapes"(i just missed to draw the eye of the whale)
and the process:

material used:300gsm fabriano watercolor paper,watercolor pencil,marker.
happy doodling...................................................................................ildi

miercuri, 14 decembrie 2011

continuing the postcard series

well,thanks for the visits and thank you for the comment Pia  :)
now you would have to find even more hidden creatures between today's morning line work.
it was quite unusual as i'm mostly a late night doodler but i must confess that it felt even better knowing that there's food in fridge,the kids are all right(the little one stood home with me and was watching "the course of the  were rabbit" lol at that time) and everything else can wait...now my elder one is also home and engaged in a similar doodle,lol.i told you it was contagious!i'll upload his artwork too when ready ;)

 your fingers may not be enough for counting them,lol,luckily we have some toes too

sâmbătă, 10 decembrie 2011

pattern draw

loose pattern i woke up one morning and put on paper a while ago,now here 'cos it is quite annoying to see the same post for...3 !!!!!!!months .i can't believe how time flies.having big plans regarding my paper mache work(i'm into masks right now and making a violin case,lol--maybe i want to much)

hopefully i won't stop here for the next three months...