I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

vineri, 1 aprilie 2011

we have a winner!

first of all thank you everyone who participated in my first mini giveaway !here i'm showing you how things were going for the winners selection.yesterday evening i posted challenge nr14 and 15 in a big rush as i was alone with the kids.i didn't noticed "embracing tao"'s entry in the giveaway.i made the preparations -i mean wrote down everyones name on a piece of paper then my son picked up one.you can see here yesterday evenings genuine picture series and the lucky winner of yesterday night.

BUT !!!!!!!!!!today in the morning i sad i must give a chance to "embracing tao" also because it was only my fault,she did right..i wrote down her name too and we made another drawing.

i mixed well the slips of paper and guess what, the winner was Pia for the second time!!!.i was very amused.i didn't took pictures,had no time for that as my son and his dad were going in a trip with the car to Cluj.
now i could announce laud and unequivocal  that the winner is PIA over at liquidbrick.blogspot.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats Pia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as this weren't enough i sad to my son just for my fun to choose a number between 1to 13.he choose 10,LOL,Pia again! the stars were all for you Pia! i will send you the card on Monday!

please don't be dissapointed i plan to make every month a giveaway and i trade mostly all the time!
wish you all the bests, friends!

6 comentarii:

  1. acum am descoperit ca esti din Romania :)) super!!!! imi plac mult desenele tale... dar stii asta din moment ce sint abonata la blogul tau ;) felicitari!

  2. iti multumesc mult Fifi!
    ma bucura mult ca micile mele incercari "plastice" sunt apreciate !

  3. Pia is a lucky gal, all right! It was meant to be....

  4. Yeaaah....! I won your giveaway! My first giveaway to win ever, and I won it twice ;) ~ lucky me.
    It makes me inspired to have a giveaway myself. All those who did not win (and Ildi yourself too) see my blog and look at my recent two birds, I will draw up a giveaway like that, or maybe one of these, in a few days:
    Thanks so much Ildi-and-son, your lovely minipainting will go so nicely with the other one :)))

  5. that's superb Pia!i will be there :)
    the atc is on his way to you!