I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

marți, 25 septembrie 2012

failed challenge

i was looking around for some inspiration and i saw over at Mr.T's that there are two themes that i could and would approach "curls" and "birds of a feather".for the first step having curls in my mind i made quickly the outer lines with  success if i do not report a single straight line out of control.. then i just let my pencil take charge.it even appeared one bird of a feather still there are to many things that are not related to the feathery theme,mushrooms,fish,boots...so i can't link my doodle the bird theme nor to the curls because of those spikes that had to be there while i was doodling,lol......double failure.still i remained with a light(?) doodle that i like.just another weed of my mind :)
 i made a little boost in picassa using the orton-ish function and added a white contour.

                                              ps.i can't find those 8 inches of this fruitful summer ;)
 don't miss to check out others great addition of the curled and birded theme over at Mr.T's blog.

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