I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

vineri, 8 februarie 2013

mirror doodle and tribal earring

yes i've turned to my old fav...mirror doodling.you never know where to stop unless you reach the notebook border,lol...it's growing like a fungus and eating all whites of paper.
also finished a tribal earring with acrylics.i thought it would be easy the painting part..no way it took very loong,much longer i supposed to take but i liked to be focused and try to find the opportune moment to trace a line while my 33 weeks baby boy is kicking my belly left-right up and down.....

see you.........

3 comentarii:

  1. 33 weeks! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, what an adventure lady. How much difference will there be with your youngest?
    I love your earrings here. Did you make the base yourself?

  2. thank you Pia!!!well you know,the balance will be broken i guess...the oldest cannot wait for it while the little one who's three is still in love with me and a jealous,lovingly possessive type...i really don't know yet.it will be an adventure!three boys ;)...
    The earrings are made of store bought paper clay.stayed hidden for long,about three years in a supply box,almost hardened now i'm saving it by using it...all!it is a very good material(DAS)but a bit porous compared to home made mache.(not so strong,but it can be so easily modeled,easily sanded and it doesn't shrinks)i'm sure it contains a bit of plaster 'cose my hands get very dry when playing with it.