I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

how i made these two atc's

i don't want to teach you how to make atc's lol,you are better than me .i'm just showing the way i made these last cards.always loved the "how to" process at others so i thought maybe i could inspire somebody who never made such cards.just finished the "hearth" challange too but still trying to make something with an empty orb shading i find difficult to realise.so anybody would like to take charge an show me a "how to"pencil shade an empty orb????pleeeease :) (my best smile is here)

 still a picture is missing here,i just cannot find it anywhere and already erased the photo card..grrr...the missing picture shows how i thickened some lines here there...

the finsihed card is measuring 6.5 cm/10 cm just couldn't focus to cut right the card yesterday night and when it was ready i couldn't decide wich side to cut off so it remainde like this.almost atc :)
the next one,still same style

see you :)

8 comentarii:

  1. Fascinating how you did these ATC's, they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. thank you Ladies ! there are ready for trade :)

  3. Me, me, me!!! I´d like to trade with you ;-))) .

    And thank you very much for sharing your technique – I´m off to try it immediately…


  4. Hi Phine ! thanks a lot for that cool site link!wow,i am amazed!
    sorry for the delay with that other collaborative card.it is holded for you,but still didn't managed to make a good copy for myself.kids drawing is jewellery :).just choose .i'll do the same :)

  5. Okay… I should choose – but I can´t ;-) .
    Please give me the one you feel would be best for me and surprise me!
    I love both of them. Would you please mail me your choice of card and your adress by clicking the Kontakt-button on my blog? I´d be glad to send you the ATC asap.

  6. Hi Ildi,
    Thanks for telling me the link to your doodle site, I love it!! That zentangle thing is amazing, I am sure going to try it. Tomorrow travelling to work, now is bedtime. And sure I would LOVE to trade ATC's!!! These things are gorgeous.

  7. I'm so happy Pia !
    can't wait ....thanks a lot!