I beleive art is healing.when I draw I relax. I'm happy when a doodle is finished.Then I start a new one.no frustrations.this active relax recently is my main summer "spare-time"activity.Just pencils and paper.Taken everywhere.

joi, 10 februarie 2011

Molossus challange

Sandra Strait is hosting a challange called "Tell Your Story-Be Part of the Art" over at her blog.
this is like a celebration of her 200 th freehand pattern created and shared so generously !
I will use her words to describe the challange:

" I ask you to look at a ZT you've just finished (no fair planning ahead of time). Take note of the movement, the flow, the texture. Spin it around. Look at how the dark and light work together. How do the tangles work together> How do they resist each other? What objects seem to appear? What's the mood? Do this immediately after you finish, and look, and do not second guess yourself.

Come up with a title based on your immediate impressions. Then invite your viewers to tell you what they see or feel. In other words, invite them to invest part of their world experience into yours."

so,what i neeed to do now is to invite you kindly to tell me what you see or feel ;)

while still working on Diva's challange nr.8 and faceing a lack of "how to go on",i made this quite quick colored tile.shapes have gained sense along the way so it is pretty obvious what you all can see ..anywise sometime i'm taken by surprise by your comments.and that's the fun part!
Called "bear with me.." i like this tiles mood..i dont' know if this would have to say something about the way i am or just what it seams to you to appear while looking at it.you better tell me what you think...

thank you Sandra for all you're doing for us ! our source of inspiration and admiration...

still see that bear,lol....

i usually go like this -making an outline then inside strings.is that saying something about me?maybe.this is my comfort zone.usually close my drawing,i protect the doodle as in life i ask for protection feeling good protected...reverse side would mean i'm sort of weak...
i see many things in this doodle.there is an adn like celtic knot, funny where i begun filling the string,very organized and strict at the beginning loosened ,rapsodical at the end (another trait? hm maybe).than a bearhead shape that needed only the eye and mouth to complete (forgot to tell-i colored first the whole tile with pencils and a bit of watercolor),leaved untangled as i liked that and thought it would be good for a balance.than a fish,a little bug,snail scales and a bearded profile of a man.
so what of those am i ,i thought? the bug?intuitive,intelligent,resistent,organized,prolific
the fish ?lower,undemanding,go with the flow
the bear ? beautiful,wild,faithful,who has to fight surviving,as that fish called life doesn't land automatic on your plate...
the wise bearded man?for sure not him.he his my protector.almost cannot be noticed still there...
belive me i cannot tell you.maybe a bit of everything.a bit of a bear.a bit of the bug,fish.sometimes hard to understand me,sometime hard to leave with,talk,plan so....just bear with me in this new,exiting world called zendoodle...

thank you for stopping by :) enjoy or better said "bear with me" ;)

7 comentarii:

  1. Oh, I love this! I didn't see the bear at first. I saw a big black bug (then saw the bear when I read your story). But bear or bug, he's on a soulquest. There is a turtle like being, and several possum critturs waiting to challenge him as he passes by. The interlaced rope is to help him get started, but soon he'll be flying through the stars on his own!

  2. I love this - the polar bear is so quizzical and appealing - well done!

  3. thank you Sandra! i had to find that turtle,lol..enjoyed your interpretation !

    thank you Christina !it's a string "happening",that's why i like it.always curious what it borughts!

  4. I love the polar bear....and the rest looks like you are trying to break out of winter into spring. This is a great tangle!

  5. I love this tangle!
    Yes, I see bear too – as if it was your totem, attached to you by the silver cord… This bear of yours is free to cross all dimensions. But you have to be careful to keep the cord stable!

  6. thanks Leeann for doubleing the pleasure of reading your lovely comments!

    yes Phine-this tangle is showing much of me i guess..i need to be more organized...i need to find harmony in everything i do and surrounds me.sometime is difficult though,i'm addicted to my whims...

  7. thank you Phine--see ?i forgot the main thing ;0)